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Danielsson Compound Flyrods

Cast longer and with more precision - regardless of experience!

Danielsson’s unique, patented technology offers a forgiving flyrod which also loads with more energy than a rod produced with normal construction techniques.  We’ve run this project for four years now producing rods for ourselves and our close friends.  Under this period, many experienced fly-fishers and casters have tested the rods and discovered the Compound difference and that it actually does deliver on the claims we make.  When the demand for the Compound flyrod reached a point we could not ignore, we decided to make a limited number of these special rods available through our web shop.  We have often been asked through the years why we don’t offer rods together with our unique flyreels.  We have been determined to wait until we could deliver something special to our customers and the Compound flyrod finally fits this criterion.  Now you have the possibility to purchase this unique rod at Danielsson’s factory-direct pricing.

The rods are produced in Korea at a factory which leads the industry in flyrod and graphite technology.  The processes and materials involved are found only in flyrods costing twice as much.  

Compound Flyrod - Function

The blank is anchored within the rod handle in a unique and innovative manner.  This enables a more progressive action without being difficult to cast.  Thanks to the special design, one can load the rod with more power without worrying about overloading or folding the tip section.  The energy is distributed more effectively through the lower portion of the rod and as a result the tip follows a plane with less deviation giving a consistently tighter line-bow and more distance.  Overloading the top section of the rod during the cast is the most common limitation of the conventional rod. If the tip folds, the resulting line-bow will collapse.  Danielsson Compound technology provides the first design solution to this common problem and enables casters of all experience levels to easily form more consistent and better line-bows, and to repeatedly cast with greater precision.    


-Casts longer and with better precision; patented design unique to our flyrods
-Mathematically proven to deliver approximately 20% better energy efficiency
-Best available carbon-graphite material
-Patented, Danielsson-designed handle and reel seat
-Hardened “no-corrosion” guides and snake rings
-“No-flash” matte-gray finish

Delivered with divided rod sock and hard tube

We even offer special line-tapers perfectly matched to the Compound rod and providing the optimum start point.

Fly Rod, Compound 796-4
Compound fly rod which handles everything from heavier streamer fishing for trout to seatrout,...
SEK 4,850

Best price

From now on we are focusing on exclusive sales from our factory – directly to you.

From us you will always get the highest quality at the best price. Pricing is based on the hours that it takes to develop and manufacture the product. You pay for the product, not marketing or distribution.

First class quality

Danielsson fly reels are 100% designed and manufactured in Sweden! Our reels are made only of the best materials and the most durable components.

We are a small company with world-leading expertise. We are fly-fishing technicians. There are no salesmen working here. Our reels do the talking, and customer satisfaction is the driving force.

Superior support

Why turn to stores for support when you can get it from us? As a designer and manufacturer of Danielsson fly reels there is no question about who can provide the best support for the products.

Call us at: +46 240-762 10, we’ll help you find a reel that fits or answer your questions! Phone hours: Mon-Thur: 07.00 – 16.00 (GMT+1) Fri: 07.00 – 14.00 (GMT+1)