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Fly Reel CONTROL-Series

Now you can actively control the fish and intuitively adjust braking pressure through the handles as quickly as thinking about it. This system gives the angler the upper hand and the possibility to land fish increases significantly. Those who use the Control understand this advantage and have difficulty going back to “normal” reels.

Fly Reel, Control  11infinity
A perfect reel to balance large two-handed spey-rods for salmon. You may also use it for...
SEK 3,978SEK 5,525
Fly Reel, Control  8thirteen
A slightly heavier, larger capacity version for deep river salmon and seatrout fishing. Also...
SEK 3,827SEK 5,315
Fly Reel, Control  7twelve
Perfect for light salt water and deep river fishing for salmon, seatrout and steelhead. The...
SEK 3,672SEK 5,100

Best price

From now on we are focusing on exclusive sales from our factory – directly to you.

From us you will always get the highest quality at the best price. Pricing is based on the hours that it takes to develop and manufacture the product. You pay for the product, not marketing or distribution.

First class quality

Danielsson fly reels are 100% designed and manufactured in Sweden! Our reels are made only of the best materials and the most durable components.

We are a small company with world-leading expertise. We are fly-fishing technicians. There are no salesmen working here. Our reels do the talking, and customer satisfaction is the driving force.

Superior support

Why turn to stores for support when you can get it from us? As a designer and manufacturer of Danielsson fly reels there is no question about who can provide the best support for the products.

Call us at: +46 240-762 10, we’ll help you find a reel that fits or answer your questions! Phone hours: Mon-Thur: 07.00 – 16.00 (GMT+1) Fri: 07.00 – 14.00 (GMT+1)